Stay Loud

‘Instagram, Facebook and other social media platforms control and censor what we say and read every day. Thanks to new European laws that bits of freedom have been working for for years, critical voices online get more rights.

To visualize how social platforms influence the reach of critical voices, we manipulated the mouths of the activists in this campaign. That way, we encouraged people to read into and use these new laws, so that they could stay loud.

— 2024

Client: Bits Of Freedom
Creative director: Gijs van den Berg
Copywriter: Matthijs van Rumpt
Photographer and art director: Tristan Roques
Animations: Gerard Mallandrich
Retouching: Martin van Zwol
Styling: Tiphaine Conus
Production: Solange Muya

Animation Overview by Gerard Mallandrich ︎︎︎

Flyer with manifesto ︎︎︎


The Kesselskramer Digital team worked on the development of a website that offered all the information about these new European laws. For the design, they used different illustrations and techniques to visually portray the different topics referred to in the laws.
Team: Kesselskramer Digital
Digital Designer: Maria Boixeda
Illustrations: Francesca Albergo

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