Homo Æstheticus

We are increasingly familiar in our social networks with content whose aim is simply to show off. ‘Homo Æstheticus’ is an alter ego that reflects the behaviours of a society that rewards physical image and appearances over other deeper aspects of the human condition. A critical and humorous project that invites to reflect on the superficiality of the content we create on social networks.

All the details of the species are described in a magazine-format editorial piece that recovers some typical elements of the traditional encyclopedia, such as the type of contents, the tone or the structures. The piece talks about their morphology, habitat, biology, behavior, subspecies... including sections such as ‘distortion strategies’, to explain the different techniques they have developed to modify their image, or ‘mating dances’, in reference to the Tik Tok movements,... and much more information to parody all these contemporary behaviors.

Winner of  Bronze ADG Laus, 2021
Final degree project carried out at IDEP Barcelona.

Size: 21 x 27,5 cm


As a result of some Instagram posts I made about the book, Manüia, a new cosmetic surgery centre in Barcelona, contacted me to display it in their waiting room. Also, they gave me the opportunity to talk about the project in their showroom. Shortly after, the concept store Leopardo Leopardi contacted me too to share my ideas about the ‘Homo Aestheticus’.

︎︎︎ (Left) Book on display at Leopardo Leopardi  //  (Right) Book on display at Manüia

︎︎︎ Tik Tok unboxing the project

︎︎︎ Explaining the project at IDEP Barcelona